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Eminence Cannabis Rex

Pete Anderson talks about the Eminence Cannabis Rex


Review of the Eminence CANNABIS REX  by Bernhard, NSW

Essential Audio Customer service: 5/5 - thanks, Scott! Very helpful and personable.

Used this speaker in order to replace the stock driver in my 2005 PEAVEY Classic 30 amp, a 30+ Watt Valve amp which produces rich, warm tube tones. The original speaker (incidentally also made by Eminence in the US, not China for Peavey in those days), a Blue Marvel, sounded harsh in the upper mids to me and certainly did not have much of a bass response if used on its own in the Classic 30 Combo.

I use a range of guitars on this speaker and amp, primarily a 31 year old Gibson L6-S (humbuckers solid body) and a Danelectro Dano Pro (2008 model with lipstick pickups) for a range of "Classic Rock" styles (I loathe this corporate logo) as well as Country. I also use a 1950's Tele extensively.  I use the same amp also for a Ramones covers band with a Strat... all sound fantastic and very differently on the Peavey. Usually I use an extension cab (Epiphone Valve Jr) also.

Rating for the Cannabis Rex by Eminence: 5/5

After a little breaking in at higher volumes, the speaker showed very different characteristics from the Blue Marvel stock:

It had more (controllable, i.e the bass control on the amp has an effect) bass tone, a rich, VERY warm and still clear mid range as well as clear highs when the amp is played clean as well as when it is driven. Exactly what I was looking for! And it also seemed louder/more efficient than the Blue Marvel, which I put in the extension cabinet.

The Cannabis Rex has a very different, rich warm quality to it which also responds very well to overdriven valves.. ideal for Blues, Country, Rock.. anything Class A amps with EL84s are good for. Not too sure if it would fit Metal, but that was not my objective. And they used hemp, not trees for the cone.. looks green. A great speaker for this amp, as well as for Fender Hotrods and similar amps.


Review of the Eminence CANNABIS REX  by Stuart, SA

I have owned a Peavey Classic 30 amp for well over 15 years and always thought it was a pretty good workhorse amp. I decided to try a different speaker and Essential Audio were fantastic with advice on speaker choices and I went for the Eminence 'Cannabis Rex'. It brought my amp alive...I thought it was ok before but I soon discovered that the stock speaker was like one dimensional cardboard. The 'Rex revealed depth and rich harmonic content in both my guitars and the amp. I run Strats, Teles and Les Pauls (humbucker and p-90's) through this amp and they all have characteristics I had not heard before....The bottom end and mid range is tight and smooth and when pushed the top end is creamy...highly recommended for an amp using EL84's....since then I have added an extension cab and decided to try something which was inherently opposite to the Eminence 'Cannabis Rex'. I suggested this to Scott at Essential and the conclusion was to try the Celestion 'Vintage 30', which has a reputation for having that 'in your face rock edge'. The Vintage 30 'snarls and spits' rock and roll.....Wow! the tone and harmonic spectrum have broadened....massively!!! My sound is huge, with a clarity, depth and dimension I didn't think possible with this amp. Never under estimate the transformation a great speaker can make to your amp...I have a new perspective on how important speaker choices can make to your sound.


Eminence Black Mountain

Nick Sterling talks about the Eminence Black Mountain


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Eminence The Wizard

Josh Smith at NAMM 2010 plays his favourite speaker - Eminence The Wizard

Eminence The Commonwealth

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Eminence Canis Major

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Eminence Red Fang 10

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Eminence Ragin Cajun

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