Five Surprising Powder Coating Uses

Most people find that powder coating service is just for the home. But they would be surprised to find out that powder coating stretches a far and wide field. You will be gobsmacked to find out how many everyday materials and products used powder coating in their creation. So if you find that you might be needing powdercoating service in Kilsyth, you won’t be the only one.

So to make our point clearer that powder coating doesn’t just mean getting it for your home, we got five surprising powder coating products:

1. High-Quality Pens 

Can you imagine painting millions of millions of pens? It would take you days, months even, to finish the load. And companies product pens by the billions. So the solution is to powder coat it. It will give it a strength and layer of protection, as well as ensure that the pen maintains a stunning look to it.

2. Thumbtacks 

Sticking with the world of office supplies and equipment; did you know that these little colourful pins are actually powder coated, not painted? It is cheaper, more effective and able to produce it by the millions. Plus, it gives the tacks a glowly coat that makes it look amazing.

3. Vending Machines 

When it comes to vending machines, manufacturers have to make sure the machines are strong and durable enough to hold all the cans (or food) while maintaining its strength and colour. So the best option is to go for powder coating. Paint is not strong enough to secure it, so this better process is the way to go for them.

4. Bathroom Scales

Who would think that the scales that you weigh yourself on has powder coating on it? Well that is the way it works. The cheap process of powder coating means that it will be easy for manufacturers to cover the parts of the scale. The durability of the process means that the scales will be secure for years to come.

5. Baby Cribs

With paint, you could be threatening the life of a baby. That is why manufacturers of baby cribs look towards powder coating to give it a coating that is safe and secure. Powder coating is non-toxic and much more durable than paint, so when it is applied, there is no threat to the baby and will last you years longer.

Five Surprising Powder Coating Uses

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