Four Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Trade Show

There is a trade show this coming weekend and you are excited to go! But before you jump in the car and head off, you have to think about how you maximise your experience at the show. How do you go about seeing everything you need, get everything you want and ensure that you have the best time? We did the research – by going to trade shows ourselves – and four of the best ways to get the most out of a trade show.

1) Review All The Exhibitors Before You Go

As excited as you are to go see a trade show, it is good idea to see who is there before you even go. Why do it? There are few reasons for this approach:

    • You get to plan out who you want to see beforehand

    • As well as you don’t want to see

    • If there is no one of interest, why go in the first place?

  • You can schedule who you are going to see first, second and so forth

2) Arrive Early To Avoid The Rush

As well with most trade fairs and shows in Germany, Europe, Australia and around the world, there is always a ‘peak time’ – when things get crazy! You will want to avoid this time at all costs to ensure that you can manage your expectations. Peak hours are usually between 11am and 2pm, so our advice is to get there early, so you’ll meet vendors in the best of moods.

3) Pack Lightly – But Be Prepared To Come Back Loaded

The likelihood is that with most trade shows, you are going to come back with a stack of stuff. You have to prepare for that, and the best way to do that, is to pack lightly. A backpack could be enough to carry everything for you, but also give you ample space to take some essentials with you, such as a water bottle, food, extra pens and important papers. Pack lightly because you’ll be going home fully loaded.

4) Keep Your Eyes Opened For Discounts & Deals

Yes, you might be enticed with the options of getting a free pen, pin, keychain and more, but this is the little hook to pull you in. To really maximise the best of any trade show or Trade Fair Tours, you have to look for the big freebies. We are talking about the likes of show-only discounts on hotels, package tours, rental cars, and deals for accommodation. Keep your eyes peeled for this discounts and deals because you’ll end up with something valuable at the very end of the day.

Four Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Trade Show

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