Want to save bills in your home? A home ventilation system can make all the difference.

Many people face the common issue of high energy bills during the hot summer months and the cold winter months. The high energy bills are due to the cost of running air conditioning to maintain the desired temperatures inside the house. The air conditioning works to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the house when the temperatures outside are too high or low.

Many times it has been observed that the air conditioning fails to have the desired effect on the temperatures inside the house. This can be attributed to poor ventilation systems inside the home. Locked House Ventilation Systems are experts in the field of ventilation systems installations. At Locked House, you can choose from a number of ventilation systems as per the requirements of your home.


Locked House Ventilation provides two types of systems. The roof ventilation systems help to maintain the temperatures inside the house by allowing air to escape. The subfloor ventilation is effective for resolving issues related to high humidity levels. Both these systems help in cutting down the expenditure incurred on energy bills.

The effect of home ventilation systems on energy bills

During the hot summer months, when the temperatures outside shoot up considerably, the house tends to heat up, thereby causing discomfort. This happens as the insulation systems fail to prevent the warm air from entering the house. In such a scenario, the air conditioning systems consume more energy in order to lower the temperatures. The result is high energy bills.

Similarly, during the winter months, the heat from inside the house escapes and due to lower temperatures outside, condenses on the roof. This moisture tends to lower the effect of the heating system running inside the house. The moisture can seep into the house and cause rot, decay and molds. The result is more energy consumption and hence higher electricity bills.

The solution for all these issues lies in installing a good home ventilation system. It can help to save energy and money. This is how it can help:

  • Good roof ventilation can allow the trapped air inside the home to escape through vents, thus reducing the air conditioning cost during the summer months.
  • The roof ventilation can help to keep the roof dry during the winter months. This can also help to significantly reduce the power consumption.
  • Subfloor ventilation can help to prevent the moisture from seeping inside the house. It can hence reduce the expenditure incurred on repair works.
Want to save bills in your home? A home ventilation system can make all the difference.