Going for Slate Roof Replacement or Repair? Read these important points

Although slate roofs are known to be highly durable and last for even a century, they still require replacement and repair from time to time. While some homeowners are DIY enthusiasts and they prefer to carry out the maintenance themselves, many of them require professional help. Depending upon the level of damage and the kind of repair required you can hire a contractor.

There are primarily two types of contractors – the one that operates locally and the other that have business operations in many cities and states. If you know a reliable contractor in your area, it would be the best choice for the repair.

Getting started

Finding the right contractor or vendor for repair or replacement is of paramount importance. The slate roofs are supposed to serve you for decades, if they have been installed or repaired properly. You need to find a reliable company for repairs. This is the reason why many people prefer slate roof replacement by Amalfi Roofing Melbourne.


Budget factors in

Budget is the other important factor that most of the homeowners have to consider before hiring the professionals. Let’s say you are looking for the repair of the Spanish slate roofing in Melbourne. It would be wise to talk to at least 3-4 companies and get the cost estimates. This will give you a fair idea as to how much would it really cost you.

As far as the material is concerned, almost all the slates are equal. It is only the aesthetic appeal that makes a slate more expensive than the other. Those who are constrained by finances can go for the low to mid-range slates without compromising on the utilitarian and functional value. Also, it would be wise to get the roof properly inspected. In most of the cases you need to repair or replace only few slates. This in turn saves you significant amount of money as compared to replacing the entire roof.

Do I need to replace the roofing surface as well?

If you are thinking about replacement of the entire roof area, you might as well be thinking whether you need to replace the roof surface. While it is a common practice to leave the roofing surface alone unless it has sustained some significant damages, it is still advisable to change the surface at the time of complete roof replacement. For example, if you are laying your roof with the new Amalfi heritage slate roofing, it is best to get the new roof surface as well so that there are lesser chances of damages in the future. Once the slate roof is installed properly it stays there for a long time.

When do I need full replacement?

You shouldn’t need the full replacement in decades unless there was a problem with the original installation to begin with. Also, it will help if you want to give a new look to the house.

Going for Slate Roof Replacement or Repair? Read these important points