Roof Repointing And Rebedding For A Durable And Better Looking Roof

Over a period of time, being exposed to various weather elements, roofs may become damaged. These damages may reflect in the form of damaged and corroding tiles and water seepage. Such types of damages may require restoration and repointing work.

Roof repointing

Exposure to weather elements may cause the cement of the roof to become brittle. In such cases, it may become important to rebed or repoint the roof. This is a common occurrence and a process which cannot be averted. However, extensive damage may be prevented by various types of restoration works. The type of repairs required may depend on the level of damage and the material of the roof. Homeowners can opt for services like roof restoration by Singh Roofing Melbourne to get advice on the kind of repairs required.

Terracotta roof repointing and rebedding

The repointing and rebedding process depends on the material of the roof tiles. The roof tiles may be made of terracotta or cement. Terracotta roof tiling process is simple. It involves the following main steps:

  • The first step involves the anti fungal treatment which kills the fungi, moss, lichen and algae on tiles.
  • The next step involves pressure cleaning which removes accumulated sediments from the surface.
  • The next step involves glazing, repointing and rebedding.


Partial or complete rebedding may be done depending on the roof’s condition. Melbourne roof repointing services can be hired for the repointing process. Most service providers use the compound Polymer Mortar for repointing tasks. Application of points of this sealer can result in a reinforced roof.

Cement roof repointing and rebedding

Cement tiles are also subjected to a similar process as terracotta tiles. They are pressure washed to remove dirt, sediments, grime and fungus prior to the repointing job. During pressure cleaning, the broken tiles are exposed and may be replaced. After the replacement of broken tiles, polymer mortar may be added to effectively point the ridge caps of the roof.

After these repairs, the final step involves priming and sealing. This step enhances the appearance of the roof and also provides a solid base to it. The roof may then be painted to mark the completion of the repair work. Home owners may hire roof painting in Melbourne services for the job. The painting is usually done using spray equipment and often requires application of multiple coats for best results.

Roof restoration and repointing can increase the life of the roof. By repairing damages, the appearance of the roof can also be enhanced.

Roof Repointing And Rebedding For A Durable And Better Looking Roof