Know which one works best for you: Steel or Aluminium

Every product in the market today, ranging from a food item to your clothes and then any utility has now come up with the availability of ‘options’ to choose from. It’s not just about a choice but a range of specifications which customers want, that has led to this concept. One of those utilities, our ute trays are now also available in steel and aluminium variants.  The manufacturers of steel ute trays in Melbourne also offer aluminium trays. Having an option here, let’s look at what makes them different:

Steel vs. Aluminium

Surface Strength: Steel, having great strength, can resist an impact better when compared to aluminium, which ranks a little lower in terms of surface strength. This makes steel less likely to dent or be prone to scratches or even get a crack. Steel is hence the choice for those who handle their stuff the rough way. That is why apart from steel trays we also have steel ute tool boxes in Sydney.


Structural integrity: Yet again it can be rated higher in terms of structural integrity than aluminium. The heavy loading ramps used for heavy equipment can still have a slim design, which can be designed with the use of steel.  An aluminium ramp of the same size or specifications might not solve your purpose.

Corrosion: First time here, steel falls back when it comes to the property of corrosion. Since steel is an alloy formed mostly from iron, the formation of iron oxide, better known as rust, on the exposed portions of steel cannot be avoided without measures like painting or coating.  On the other hand, aluminium is highly resistant to oxide corrosion and it won’t rust if not coated. That’s where you save your expenses of expensive paints or surface finishes. Thereby manufacturers have come up with an aluminium ute canopy in Sydney.

Weight: This also falls as a drawback for steel. Talking the measure, it weighs around 7.5 tonnes per cubic meter. Once you put a full-size steel tray at the back of a ute, it adds more than 200kg to the overall weight of your vehicle. This can be a serious concern for those who are calculating their fuel consumption. When it comes to aluminium, researches prove that it cuts down 100kg from the weight of vehicle, thereby resulting in better fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Last but not the least, since wearing out of aluminium if not that fast, it has a higher resale value when compared to steel.

Know which one works best for you: Steel or Aluminium