The Different Types of Office Partitions

One of the things that people often don’t notice about is partitions. That’s right: partitions. These ‘walls’ are a defining feature of offices thanks to their ability to create a culture, divide or open up space, develop departments and establish a workplace foundation. Without partitions, you won’t be able to function as well as expected.

But in the field of partitions, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. So many options that you can get lost in the process of finding one. That is why we have this blog post for you: the different types of office partitions and how they can work for your office. Keep reading to find out about them here:

    • Solid Partitions
      If you are looking to provide complete privacy to your office, then solid partitions are for you. Their names say it all: they are thick, solid walls that will provide a barrier in the office. So if you are looking to ensure that you want some privacy in your office, to create departments or to establish teams, these are the partitions that will work the best for you

    • Glass Partitions
      If you want to give your office a sleek look and bring in the light, nothing works as well as glass partitions. You have the option of going either full glass or half glass, thus giving you the amount of privacy you want in your office. Better yet, you have the ability to customise them in your image, by adding logos and corporate signs to them. There are endless possibilities with these partitions.

  • Demountable Partitions
    There is no doubt that in the busy world of offices, you might find that things change quickly. New people come in and old people leave, so you’re left having to change your office around. This is where the demountable partitions come into the fold. They are useful and will ensure maximum flexibility for your business as they are easily interchangeable. So to get the office moulded in your image, look towards getting demountable office partitions in Melbourne.

With this information, you will be able to find the partitions that work for you. However, we are not the experts in the field: Discount Partitions Interiors are the professionals you should be speaking to. With years of experience on the job, a passion for partitions, workstation screens installation, and a desire to create the best office fit outs melbourne for their clients, they can help you in every way possible. Reach out and contact them today for more information!

The Different Types of Office Partitions

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