Top 7 things you need to keep in mind while planning Landscape design

Planning a landscape requires attention to details and some important points must be kept in mind before going for actual execution. There are some important factors to consider before you start execution-

Themes– Selecting a theme can help you in selection of plants, materials, decorations and structures. The theme should be in sync with the appearance of the house.  It can unify the entire look of a landscape. It can be simple with regular structures and sizes, and can be as complex as a relaxation garden or an oriental garden.

Create link spaces– Link spaces must be created in order to connect one area from another. Just like a room, spaces must be linked. Encourage people to explore your landscape and its beauty.

Yard usage– Who will be using your yard? Children will be playing or normal strollers. Before building a landscape, this factor must be taken into consideration. If children will be playing, then you can dig up a pool in your yard of appropriate size. For normal strollers, path and walkways can be built. You can experience services which are landscaping eastern suburbs in Melbourne by AEP landscapes if you are looking to design, construct or maintain your landscape.

Uses of plants– Plants can be used in many ways and not just for beautiful scenery and lovely aromas. They can be used to for much more. They can provide barrier to define areas within your landscape. They can provide physical barrier for your landscape defining where it ends and can block the view if you want a closed space.

Know your yard-Environment includes the topography and soil type. The topography of your site is important to consider as it is important to get the flow of water away from the house and towards the yard. Soil type analysis is crucial as it can determine what kind of plants you should get.

Highlight your yard– You can highlight the important points of your yard by using contrasting colors. Using unique plants and distinct structures can provide a different look to a certain area of your yard

Structuring your plants– You can provide a uniform look or a distinct look to your yard by structuring the plants. A certain area can be provided with a certain ambience by providing a different shape to the vegetation.   

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Top 7 things you need to keep in mind while planning Landscape design

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