Useful Tips For Choosing Suitable Partitions For An Office Fitout

Choosing new fitouts for your office involves a number of considerations. Selecting the appropriate and comfortable workstations involves making a few critical decisions. Office partitions form an important part of the fitout. They apart from improving the functionality of the office space, also give a professional look to the overall working space.

Office partitions are important for a number of reasons. They are usually placed between cubicles to provide space sectioning in offices that have open plan settings. They ensure privacy as the workers get their own scheduled space. The ergonomic workstations can contribute significantly in improving the productivity of employees. It is hence important to select these partitions that make up the fitout carefully. They are usually available in a number of styles and finishes. A few important factors may be considered for choosing the appropriate one.

Important factors to consider while choosing partitions for the office fitout

Office partitions are available in a wide range of options. They may vary in terms of their height and the materials used for making them. Before choosing partitions, it is hence important to ascertain the height, material and colors that can suit the requirements of your office space. The few factors that may be considered in this regard include:



This is a crucial aspect to consider while choosing partitions for Melbourne office fitouts. Partitions of varying heights may be used to suit the requirements of the office. The partitions are usually available in three main heights. These are:

  • Half height partitions are usually used to create cubicles in offices that have an open plan.
  • Full height partitions cover the entire length between the ceiling and floor and act like temporary wall screens and are generally used in offices spread over a larger area.
  • The third variety of partitions are the accordion style ones that appear like full height ones but at the same time allow access in between spaces.


There are numerous types of materials used for making demountable office partitions in Melbourne. These include cloth covered foam, light wood, plasterboard and glass. An appropriate material may be chosen after taking into consideration the available space, layout and décor of the office. If the purpose is to allow natural light into the office, glass partitions may be considered whereas for offices that require frequent furniture rearrangement, partitions made of more durable materials may be considered.

Future expansion

While choosing partitions, it is also advisable to consider the future plans of expansion. Wheeled and mobile partitions are lightweight and can easily be moved from one place to another. They may be chosen to meet future expansion goals.

In order to select the most suitable and practical partitions for your work space, it is advisable to seek expert advice. The experts can ensure that your requirements are met within the specified budget.

Useful Tips For Choosing Suitable Partitions For An Office Fitout