What Works Better For Your Business – Timber Or Steel Stairs?

For a business, every little thing matter. How the place looks, the atmosphere it creates, the way the office is positioned. It all matters. The same logic applies to a staircase. When clients walk up a staircase, they need to feel impressed with the place. That is why businesses of all sorts place a great deal on the type of staircases they create, alongside the material they use. Two materials stand out more than most: timber and steel.

But what works best? Well, both are amazing in their own ways, so you can’t lose out selecting either. But if you are looking to get custom made stairs by SA Stairs completed, then maybe getting an idea on the material will help you. So that is what we have done for you – broke down the positives of both timber and steel, so you have the information you need to make a decision.

Why Steel Works Better

We will first start off by discussing the love of steel staircases. Why are they so popular for so many businesses in Melbourne? We did some research and we found the key reasons on why workplaces like to have these stairs:

    • Cost effective thanks to the material and the installation process

    • Provides workplaces with a very modern, sleek and stylish look

    • More flexible due to the material. This provides an extra incentive as the staircases can be mended into any design and form, as well as including many extras, such as steel balustrades.

    • Super strong and very durable in the long run

    • Long-term savings thanks to a minimal cleaning process

  • Resistant to marks, scratches and damages

Why Timber Works Better

Timber staircases are by far one of the most popular modern day choices when it comes to types of stairs that businesses select. And to emphasise why so many businesses look towards getting timber staircases in their properties, we have some valuable reasons:

    • Gives the workplace a “classic” and sophisticated atmosphere

    • Aesthetically appealing with an elegant look

    • A wide range of timbers available, including:

        • Hardwood floors (Oak, Cherry, and Maple)

        • Red Oak

        • Mahogany

        • Pine

      • And much more!

    • Wide selection of colour schemes that can blend into your workplace

    • Durable and long-lasting material

    • Can be mended into any form and design

  • Affordable in the long run thanks to low-cost maintenance and creation

As we said, both materials are wonderful for your workplace. So when it comes to making a choice, you can’t lose; it comes down to what you want!

What Works Better For Your Business – Timber Or Steel Stairs?

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